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Education is the basic right of all children. Each child is unique with his or her own strengths that need to be appreciated and honed. The right kind of environment can do wonders for a child's growth and provide the impetus in creating a sensitive, intelligent adult who is an asset to the society.

One often talks about how a child is like wet clay that can be "moulded" into something beautiful if the "potter" has the experience. But I honestly feel that every child inherently has the calibre to achieve a wonderful future and don't need to be moulded but allowed the freedom, to think and question. It is so important for children to grow up not as army of young "educated minds" as depicted by Pink Floyd but as creative intelligent minds. Schools today aim to prepare their students to be abreast with modern trends and technology. With geographical boundaries shrinking, everyone aspires to be a global citizen; no one wants to be left behind.

We want our students to not only embrace the future but also have their values intact.

Siji Rachel Mathew
Shalom English School